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Home Aide Diabetes Management System is a Windows-based software program that provides an easy way for you to manage your blood glucose.


The Health Care System Software is a personal computer (PC) software application that provides users to upload test data from meters, store the data in the Health Care System application and analyze the data by graphs and other software tools. The information analyzed can provide users and healthcare professionals to better control and manage blood glucose.


This software provides you the following functions:


     - Transmit blood glucose results from a meter to your PC.

     - Use electric data instead of a log book.

     - Present the trends and statistics of test results.

     - Share your data with your doctors.


The Diabetes Management System Software is intended for use in home and clinical settings as an aid for people with diabetes and their health care professionals to review, analyze and evaluate the historical test results to support health management effectively.


Steps to Install Diabetes Management System on Windows 8 and below


1) Download meter software


2) Follow Software User Guide to install and begin using the software with your meter


Steps to Install Diabetes Management System on Windows 10


1) Follow instructions above for windows 8


2) Download and install this drive:


3) Pick your driver below


Windows 10 32bit Drivers >


Windows 10 64bit Drivers >



4) After the install completes, please restart your computer.



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